Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Making Progress...Week 2

 Hallway Christmas makeover
 Foyer table, completely changed the theme from last year

 I love using non-Christmas items to make Christmas creations, for instance, I set a decorative plate on top of this black candle holder base, added Snowman and ornaments for a different look.
 I borrowed this cake stand from my daughters room, just for the holidays, again super simple holiday creation just by adding ornaments.
 Taking these pics have made me realize how bad I need to paint the foyer, looks like a project for AFTER Christmas.

 I'm loving the mantel this year so far....totally different from past years.
 Another everyday item, this wired decorative candle holder, used throughout the year, transformed by adding red and gold themed ornaments. 

 I found this sleigh at HB last year, added the premade arrangement (pot was broken), snowman and presents for an instant centerpiece, used it on the coffee table last year, now it found a home on the mantel.
 The Coffee table, I love the hint of leopard print by using the runner.
 This Santa was brought back to me by my in-laws when they visited Alaska this past Summer.  I perched him on a wide-based candle holder.

 I'm so glad I invested in these galvanized ornaments with the rhinestone trim,  They go great with the ribbon for an awesome table centerpiece.
 Just finished this wreath for the foyer.  The cord will eventually be hidden by garland.  I will begin to work on the foyer tree soon.
These items found a home in the nook of the kitchen.  Might change later, still dragging things down from attic.


  1. Hiya, Ginger! My sister (Amy Wasinger) told me to come check out your blog. It's darling! I've been blogging for almost 4 years now. It's really fun. Lovin your Christmas decorating. Have a great day! Holly

  2. Hoe! Im your newest follower...Pretty thing on here! LOOOOOOOOOOVE it!
    Thanks for Grabbin my Button....i came to Grab your but I dont see one??? Do you have one?


  3. Hi! Thanks for coming over and following me. Glad you made me find you! I simply love decorating for Christmas too!!!!! Your decorations are SO beautiful and I got some ideas! I love what you did to the cake stand! Have a great weekend and I think we have a lot in common :)

    Kristin xoxo


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