Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A space of HER own!

Haven't been able to blog since the move to Texas, but so excited to be able to get my hands on the new house!  I so wish I was able to stick with one room at a time, but if I get an idea in my head, I just have to dive right in!  I've been decorating the study in our home, which has become my own personal space that I will use as my office/craft room and I am pumped!  Since my husbhand has an office the size of this whole house, and doesn't really work from home, I have staked my claim to the room.  Below is a sneak peak of a few projects that I am working on or have completed:

The whole inspiration for the room started with this
picture and an orange candle stick.  I knew I wanted
a punch of color, but needed to keep some black in
the room due to an oversized black armoire I already had
in the room.
Then I decided to include a punch of aqua.....

Amazing what a little fabric behind
picture frames can do, probably
putting a gold "D" in the middle
Recovered Pillows and cushion
Picked up some new self adhesive lamp shades
and recovered them with some fabric remenents
and leftover nailhead trim from a previous project.
A small simple desk given to me by a friend
painted black.  Currently looking for a chair
to go with it, and it as missing a knob, so
thinking of changing all the hardware out.
The folding screen had a makeover as well with
coordinating fabrics.  I will use this as a giant
bulletin board.
Gallery Wall in the making.  Decided to hold
off on painting the walls right now, simply because
I am wore completely out with painting the
old house before we put it up for sale.
Keeping it neutral for a while!
On the hunt for a few more things
for the room....chair, chandelier and maybe a rug
so stay tuned!


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