Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fabulous Finds for my Dining Room Makeover!

Below is a China Hutch I bought at Good Will for $150, in this pic I have already
taken it apart and removed the ugly chicken wire from the glass.   

 Above is a table and chairs that I bought off of a friend,
who bought it on Craig's List for $160.  So happy she sold it to me!
Below is the "after" along with painting I made
chair covers in leopard print with skirting made
out of painters drop cloth (found at Lowe's) super
cheap and love the linen look!

 I lined the back of the china cabinet with a silk
green fleur de lis print fabric, just made a template
out of wrapping paper, and used spray adhesive
to stick on the fabric.

I will repaint the Dining Room later, obviously I had
a lot of red accents and dark wood furniture before,
ready for something fresh and new, but got
to get the feeling back in my arms first!
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