Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Elle's Big Girl Nursery

So I've been toying with the notion of changing the color scheme of Elle's Nursery for a while now.  Started out with black furniture, pastel pink, white and black accessories.  Now that she's 2....I have been crushing on a more modern yellow and black color scheme.  However, after an endless search of just the right fabric, it was decided that the fabric I had imagined didn't exhist.....BOO!  But, found the next best thing, a soft yellow and gray chenille fabric which I overpaid for, but hey, I was tired of looking!  I painted the walls a very muted gray and made an ornate stencil on the wall out of wrapping paper.  Filled it in with yellow paint, made her bedding/curtains and then decided to add a splash (or explosion) of Aqua.  So just in case I'm confusing you....the colors are now Black, Aqua, Yellow, Gray and White.  I know....had to add the Aqua cause my 13 year old daughter no longer wanted the Aqua shag rug that she HAD to have last year and I felt like I needed to use it somewhere. is what's been done so far.  By the way, there is absolutely NO website for inspiration using these maybe it will help SOMEBODY!  LOL!  By the way, I am doing this on a budget due to the fact that we tend to redecorate bedrooms in the house every couple of years.  I am sharing some of my repurposed finds with you!

 The Bedding:  I used the black and white houndstooth fabric left from her old bedding.
 An open back frame I had in a cherry finish, sprayed aqua and distressed just a little.  I covered a piece of foam core board with the reverse side of my exposed more of the yellow.  Then hung these letters with pins.
 The solid black curtains are ready made, I just added the houndstooth fabric to give them more height.
 OK.....seriously.....I was so stoked when I ran into a local Good Will shop to look for frames and found these floral plastic pics.  I saw some similar to this at a high end decor store last week, they were made of polyresin, but who cares.  I paid $2.99 for the set!  They were $25 each at the decor boutique.  Below is what I did with them, and a little bit of magic from Aqua spray paint.

 This sweet ceramic rosebud lamp I found the same day at Good Will for $6.99, it came with an ugly white lampshade, so I bought a self adhesive one from Hobby Lobby and covered it with a fabric remenant and added a headband bow that Elle has outgrown.

This design on her wall will eventually have something, like a large cursive "E", but for now
still thinking.......

I am almost finished!  I have a large houndstooth trunk coming that I will use as her toybox.  Also sewing a slipcover for an ottoman to go in the room.  More to come soon!

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