Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bedroom Makeover

So I am starting the task of redorating my bedroom.  I am going for a high end look with a lot of repurposed furniture and finds.  I am also attempting some custom work i.e.:  1st attempt at making an upholstered headboard.  Secondly, I am trying my hand at distressing an old dresser/mirror found for $28.30.  Since my current bedroom decor (mainly red/black, tan, leopard know the scheme) with large bulky black furnture and a big honking armoir with the flat screen TV in it that can easily be hung on the wall to free space... is hanging on within an inch of it's life, it's time to do away with the dark dungeonous feel, and opt for a lighter, brighter (not to shabby) look.  I am deeply inspired by Tori Spelling's bedroom.  I am using a dockside blue, tan with white distressed furniture (still up for debate) however, am struggling with the accent color for wall frames, etc.  1.  Black 2. Silver 3. Gold - happens to be my fave.....I am posting some inspiration photos courtesy of Red Chateau Home Decor, Ballard Designs and Oxygen's Tori and Dean.  I will also be posting updates along the way, and of course, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I am pretty much obsessed with this bird lamp.  I LOVE BIRDS!
 I know I want all white bedding, but I am in love with this bedskirt.

 I either need a chair like this for the corner of my room, or may want a small desk/chair....still not sure
Untufted headboard...what I am going for

1st on the Agenda, choosing a fabric, everything will revolve around the fabric I choose for the upholstered headboard.  So I have bought 4 yards of this fabric from Hobby Lobby.  Then was able to match up some paint for the walls.  I know I have 4 kids, and I know I let them walk around the house with food, and one of them happens to be a year old, but I still want ALL WHITE BEDDING.  My husband is protesting heavily....

OK, now for the fabric reveal...tada! I LOVE it....
I will be keeping this antique sofa at the foot of my bed.  It was handed down
from Jeff's Great-Grandma, which we then had reupholstered in this yummy
tan chenille fabric, this will be the priciest thing in the room hands down!

This ugly dresser and mirror has potential in my opinion.
$28.30 for the set...what a steal!  Good Will my friends,
as long as you can stand the smell and get in and out quickly,
it is worth it!
I have already started to sand it.  I would like to paint
it distressed white/ivory and change out the hardware.
It will go underneath the hung TV on the wall.
The mirror doesn't have a home yet.

Bye Bye to this bulky armoir.  If we keep hanging TV's
on the wall, we are going to have a garage full of these.
Time to have a garage sale!

OK, just playing around, and now that I see
this hanging above the TV, it's coming down
or else I need to paint it.

My managerie of open back frames purchased
with a smile from Hobby Lobby's 90% off isle.
I will paint these all the same color if I can ever decide on one!

 I have chosen these Ethan Allen tables for the bedside.
I would like to cover the round one with fabric
and possibly hang the homeless mirror above the rectangle one,
once it's painted.  It is not out of the question to
repaint them to match the dresser, still not sure.
Now gotta start the Lamp hunt.

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