Monday, January 31, 2011

Juicy Couture Inspired Room

I am starting the task of redecorating my Daughter's Juicy Inspired bedroom, not doing away with the theme, but adding some color, etc.  We got bored with the creme colored walls, and the pastel pink/brown color scheme, so we are taking direction from Juicy's "Peace, Love & Juicy" campaign.  We are going to add turquoise and hot pink to the exhisting pastel pink and do away with the brown.  I have never been more terrified to use turquoise paint, but here it goes!  I am posting what her room looks like now as well as some inspiration we have found via the internet and shopping in various Juicy stores.
 I had searched for over a year for Juicy Bedding that didn't exhist, so had to make
do with just using their colors.  I hit the jackpot at the Juicy store in Vegas when I went into the sleep
store and not only found the duvet cover, sheet set for a twin, but also got it on sale....SCORE!
It has Hot Pink in it, thus the decision to have to add that color also.  The framed prints above the
bed are just Juicy sacks cut and framed.
 The decision for keeping pastel pink in the mix was due to certain things
in the room we didn't want to touch, like these curtains that I made and practically bled for.
Not only was the fabric pricey, but they were a pain to make and hang.  They are staying!
 Lots of Gold is in use throughout the stores, and is where I got this
gold frame collage idea.  Some of the inserted prints are either Juicy adds
or French Provencial prints that came with the frames.
Another SCORE!  I found this Knight at a local Garden Ridge store, it was
silver and I spray painted it pink and sprinkled pink glitter on it while it was wet.
If you've ever visited a juicy store, some of them have a pink knight standing
at the entrance, seems to be their mascot.
 Doing away with this childs vanity, she will be 13 soon so it's gotta go (she has informed me) tear :(
 This chunky mirror and shelf in gold was found at Kirklands, fits in great with the theme, will be keeping this also.
 Our ode to Juicy's line "Bird". 
Atop the Armoir is a managerie of different candy jars, etc.  We will be getting rid of some things, and adding more candy filled glass jars, just like the stores have.


 I am looking for an accent chair for the corner of her room, preferably one I can get upholstered,
since shopping for a hot pink chair seems to be harder that I thought.
This bedding is similar to what I bought, thus the need to add the
hot pink.

I am on the hunt for Pink damask fabric

LOVE LOVE this wall!

Found a round table at an antique store Saturday,
it is black, but thinking about painting it gold.
This will replace the vanity.

Wall color infspiration only, not planning on putting
an ironing board in her room - ha!


  1. Okay, PLEASE tell me where I can find that Juicy couture bedding! I absolutely love it and want it for me room, it is perfect!

    1. If you are still interested in the Juicy Couture bedding (I know...over a year later) I have a set...if you dont live close I can set up an ad on Ebay for you to purchase it :) Thank you!
      Here is my Craigslist link:

  2. I've been wanting to buy a knight like that, but I cannot find one in modern white. So... now I'm thinking I could just get one and spray paint it, too!! How is the pink one holding up? Did the spray paint adhere well to the tin?

  3. I found the Hot Pink and White Damask print fabric bedding set at Target by Xhilaration. So I'm sure it will be easy to find the same fabric. The photo of the damask you are looking for is the exact print and color as the one I bought for my little girl while in search for the Juicy bedding. I would try looking at JoAnn's Fabric's or online. It's not an expensive fabric. Thin and perfect for a wall.

    You gave me some great ideas! Thank you!


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