Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My QUEENdom Revealed!

 My Daughter help me spruce up this black folding screen that I didn't
know what to do with.  It will be hung flat on the wall when my husband gets
around to doing it :)  Below is the finished result:
 I did some faux painting and stenciling....I wanted every
square to look different, and of course added bling!
 I decopauged scrap booking paper and added
nail head to trim to this square
 My bedside table
 Hubby's bedside table...and yes, he is just thrilled!
 Headboard I made with ALOT of help from by husband
it really weighs a ton!  I made a bedskirt with the extra fabric.  Bedding took 6
months to find.  Thanks Target!  What a bargain....
 Below is a leather bench I reupolstered and
a mirror I painted white and distressed.  The dresser (also below)
and mirror set were a funky brown - UGLY!  I bought
it at Good Will for $28.30! 

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